Shame On Social Media’s Anti-Conservative Bias

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all connected, and they are all controlled by Liberal individuals and entities that seek to limit, control, and eradicate conservative speech. They are doing a good job of proving this by their behavior toward Conservatives.

Proof of Bias

If you are Conservative, chances are you don’t need proof of social media bias because you’ve already experienced it firsthand yourself. But on the off-chance you aren’t completely convinced, here’s a list of online crimes these Liberal-owned social media sites have committed THIS WEEK ALONE.

  • Liberal Twitter posters called for the violent death of the children from Covington Catholic school, along with the burning of the school, and they were not banned or reprimanded in any way.
  • Facebook announced plans to begin banning Conservative groups they acknowledge have not violated their arbitrarily created and applied terms and conditions just in case they break rules at some point in the future.
  • Peter D’Abrosca from Big League Politics, along with other popular Conservative Twitter posters, were abruptly banned from the platform with the flimsy excuse that they were using their accounts to “evade a permanent suspension,” whatever that means. They received their permanent bans without any warnings or chances to correct the problem they were being accused of. If there is a real problem at all and it’s not completely made up.

What You Can Do

Write to your legislators, and don’t stop until your voice is heard. Go all the way to the top and demand President Trump order all Liberal-owned anti-Conservative media outlets and social media sites to stop discriminating against his supporters. You can find out who your MAGA reps are in your state on this site.


Consider supporting Conservative social media sites that do not discriminate against President Trump’s supporters. Why give your information to help make greedy, despicable Liberals like Mark Zuckerberg even wealthier than they already are? is social media that puts America first, and we appreciate Conservative voices. Our site members and our country are important to us, so create your free account today!




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