When Beauty Gets Ugly

Michigan beauty queen stripped of crown for being a MAGA supporter.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when Conservatives who were attacked by the Liberal mob were forced to issue insincere and cringe-worthy public apologies. That time has now passed. When former Miss Michigan World Kathy Zhu became the latest target, she went straight to the press to defend herself and her use of facts and logic.


She’s not let the fact that Democrats don’t understand facts and logic stop her from going public with her side of the story.


This past Friday, the Miss World America organization stepped in-line with Liberal think group and stripped Conservative beauty queen Kathy Zhu of her crown, lest they be boycotted and attacked. Liberals dug deeply into Zhu’s social media feeds, looking for something to be offended over, and they found it.


In one post, Zhu described a “try on a hijab” event at the mall that mocked the sacred by turning it into fashion accessories. If someone on the Left had been offended by the same event because it was cultural appropriation, the store would be boycotted. Instead, there’s no mention of that, because that would mean agreeing with a Trump supporter.


In another post, Zhu pointed out that statistically, rates of murders committed by police are low, and the facts show that the greatest threat to blacks is other blacks, who commit the vast majority of the crimes against their own people, as other groups do as well. In all demographics, murderers tend to kill people of their own race. Zhu was not blaming blacks for being murdered by police. Instead she was quantifying the threat murderous police pose when compared with a statistically much larger danger to the black community.


Zhu’s intent was to point out that most police are good guys and not bad guys, and you can’t lump any one group into a single negative category. Instead, she’s being accused of racism and Islamophobia, so she’s gone public with texts and emails she exchanged with pageant officials.


How Zhu’s Views Stand Up Against the Facts

In interviews, Kathy Zhu repeatedly pointed out that her statements about black-on-black crime and what the normalization of the hijab means are fact-based. We looked into her facts to see if they stood up to reports. Here’s what we found.


  • In the FBI’s 2017 report Crime in the United States, it was reported that when the race of the offender who was convicted of murder was known, 54.2 percent were black. When the race of the murder victim was known, 51.9 percent were black. In comparison, 43.1 percent of murderers were white, along with 43.5 percent of victims.


  • In 2017, 40.3 percent of victims were killed by a family member, acquaintance, boyfriend, etc. In other words, someone they knew. Based on this data, it is reasonable to conclude that most murders involve black-on-black crime in cases in which there is a personal relationship between the offender and the victim. Sounds like a community problem to us.


  • In a Towards Data Science report that analyzed data on police killings from 2015 to 2016, it was determined that when police killed, the race the victim was most likely to be was determined by geography. The group that was prevalent in crime-riddled, impoverished areas of major cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and towns along the US-Mexico border were the most likely to be murdered by the police. Blacks were only the likely targets of homicidal police violent in the dangerous areas that were predominantly black. In Arizona and New Mexico, it is Native Americans who are most likely to be murdered by police, Mexicans are most likely to be murdered by police in the Southwest, and California is a melting pot of police murder victims.


  • According to the mere effect, which is also known as the familiarity principle, people who are exposed to things to the point of being familiar with them will eventually develop a preference for them. At just 20 years old, the accomplished and intelligent Zhu is a political science student and the president of College Republicans at the University of Michigan. When she saw fashion being used to desensitize women to the meaning of the hijab by making it seem chic, she called it like she saw it.


Unsurprisingly, Zhu blames the smear campaign against her on Liberals who are triggered by her minority status. The Left has extreme difficulty accepting that minorities can be Conservative and supporting President Trump does not automatically mean one is racist. Zhu believes the Snowflakes who pointed her tweets out to the pageant officials were triggered by posts that feature her proudly sporting a MAGA hat. We believe she’s 100 percent correct. After all, Trump Derangement Syndrome is backed by facts.



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