Maine Conservatives, while some higher-level MAGA politicians were elected in your state, they are not in the majority. Your legislators may struggle to pass pro-America policies, so it’s up to you to follow-up to make sure you’re supporting them as they deal with critical issues like voter fraud.


A message from Rob Raskin, Founder of

America can’t afford to wait until the next stolen election to do something about the problem of voter fraud. If we want to save this country, we need to act TODAY.

We the People MUST:

  1. Have FEDERAL ID to vote
  2. Have more accountability to check the reported numbers in EACH PRECINCT
  3. Have the Voter rolls checked for EVERY precinct in the country
  4. Label Antifa a TERROR organization and FREEZE SOROS’s ASSETS
  5. Appoint Rudy Giuliani as SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to PROSECUTE ALL INVOLVED in the Clinton Foundation including Soros, Obama, All 3 Clintons, Mueller, Comey, etc.

THIS IS OUR CRITICAL IMPETUS FOR 2019!!!!!! But it’s not going to happen unless Maine Patriots like YOU make it happen by reaching out to the MAGA representatives in your state to effect change. Please contact every politician you can from President Trump to your Congress members and keep the heat on until something is done to protect our future.


Your state’s MAGA politicians are:



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