Dems Behaving Badly: August Edition

Dems Behaving Badly: August Edition

And the month is only halfway through…

When did Portland cease being a part of the United States? Was it when Governor Kate Brown was elected? Was it when Mayor Ted Wheeler was elected? Was it when the Black Lives Matter protests started? Was it when Antifa was allowed to take over the streets?

It’s hard to say when the city’s slide into lawlessness happened, but one thing that is apparent is the Democrats have made this city into a dangerous territory that is no longer recognizable as being a part of this country.

This is what happens when you allow a city to be run by leaders who have been infected with the virus known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. President Trump has sent federal troops into Portland to keep the court buildings and law-abiding citizens safe, but the leadership has demanded that the troops leave. Clearly the mayor and governor there actually want to promote violence and destruction.

Attorney General William Barr was right to call out the Democrat Party as the real perpetrators behind the chaos that has befallen Portland. This is a political party that has not done or said a word to stop what is going on in many Democrat-run cities in this country. Instead, they seem to be encouraging it.

When the governor, mayor, and even some police chiefs and officers decide to walk with the Antifa members who are burning their cities to the ground, what kind of message does it send? It sends the message that the police are criminals, that the law is optional, and that it’s okay to use violence to make President Trump look bad.

Now the Oregon State Police have had to pull out of Portland because the city refuses to prosecute the criminals who are attacking them. One trooper sustained whiplash and a concussion after being hit in the head with a large rock. Is his attacker in jail? Of course not! It’s Portland.

Who can blame the OSP for pulling their troopers out when they aren’t being supported by the government? There are other counties who also need their help and respect the law and law enforcement officers. The OSP has limited resources, and there’s no reason they should waste them on Portland.


POC Send Message to “Woke” Whites: Shut Up and Go Away

College administrators are receiving complaints from non-white students about white students who are forcing their “wokeness” on them against their will. But isn’t that the Liberal way? How ironic that woke white people are now shaming people of color for not being as woke as they are.

This problem is so bad now that one university’s freshmen orientation included a tutorial instructing woke Liberal students to stop lecturing non-white students when they decide they aren’t being politically correct enough. At the same time, universities are also hiring white lecturers to come in and hold seminars with their instructors to make sure they are politically correct.

POC are not asking white people to become the behavior police to make sure everyone shares the same groupthink. It’s 2000, and it’s time for this nonsense to go away. In order to lecture someone about wokeness, you need to first make race-based assumptions about them. Hypocrisy much? That doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Democrats.


Joe Biden, Don’t Think We’ve Forgotten About Your Ukraine Scandal

Speaking of hypocrites, Joe Biden seems to think if he acts like he forgot the Ukraine scandal that We the People will, too. It doesn’t work like that, although to someone with senile dementia it might seem that way.

The Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump was nothing more than a cover-up job that was meant to bury Biden’s Ukraine dirt while smearing the President. Once news of Hunter Biden’s shady dealings in Ukraine came to light, Joe Biden did exactly what he has repeatedly accused President Trump of doing, and that’s attack journalists by threatening them if they publish “disinformation.”

In the eyes of the Democrats, disinformation is any intel that doesn’t tow the party line. When President Trump calls out the fake news outlets they double-down on it. When Joe Biden called them out for the same thing, they did his bidding and all traces of the Ukraine scandal disappeared from the lamestream media.

In another stunning act of hypocrisy, Biden withheld money from Ukraine if they didn’t do the Democrats’ bidding but then accused President Trump of withholding money from the same country for doing the same thing. Biden’s corruption is obvious, but blue voters are too busy being social justice warriors online to notice.

Under President Trump’s watch, Republican Senator and Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Ron Johnson is making progress with his investigation into the corruption of the Obama Administration, of which Joe Biden was a huge part. Let’s hope he hits paydirt before November 3rd.