California Has Buyer’s Remorse

State Democrats elected Gavin Newsom without considering what funding his policies would cost.

California is the only place to live if you want to use the bathroom indoors while paying for the privilege of allowing others to go wherever they darn well feel like it. Who is to blame for this sh*%&y situation? As Governor Gavin Newsom continues to throw taxpayer money at problems he is personally manufacturing, the answer to that problem is becoming more apparent. And voters are paying attention.


In a state that has Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, Newsom is now the top contender for biggest loser, and that’s really saying something when the competition is that fierce. Newsom was a failure as a mayor, and now he’s a failure as a governor. The 61.9% of Californians who voted for the mess that they got included both Democrats and Republicans, who should have known better. These voters are now paying the literal price for that mistake, because Newsom is using their tax dollars to pad his own ego and to fund his anti-Trump publicity stunts.


Is Newsom the Worst Governor EVER?

These are the reasons California Conservatives want Newsome OUT.

  • The homeless problem is getting much worse. City streets are covered with human waste, and they’ve had to hire an actual “poo patrol” in San Francisco because the situation is so out of hand. Is anyone surprised the homeless are showing up when junkies are being given free clean needles, thanks to Newsom? Who is paying for the poo patrol? Who is paying for those free needles? A lot of California Republicans and Democrats, that’s who.


  • State taxes are climbing, with increases to the gas tax that have the public wondering if they made a mistake in electing Newsom, and it’s no wonder. It costs a lot of money to draft and enforce ridiculous policies like the plastic straw ban. Is it someone’s job to police straws? Of course it is, and you, Conservative Californians, are paying for that straw cop. As far as we can tell, it’s the only cop Liberals are willing to stand behind.


  • California is a sanctuary state, and the state government has officially refused to cooperate with the federal government to get the migrant situation under control, despite the fact that it is hurting the migrants California claims to care so desperately about. Newsom has a history of disregarding the law for his own gain, and he is flagrantly disregarding policy. When he went to Central America to meet with the president of El Salvador and the U.S. ambassador, President Trump’s supporters saw right through the obvious publicity stunt.


  • Newsom highjacked the bullet train California voters approved to link Los Angeles and San Francisco. He did this without consulting the voters first, of course. It’s only $9.95 billion, after all. So it’s linking Bakersfield to Merced now, what’s the difference? Newsom must think his constituents are stupid, and why wouldn’t he? They voted for him, after all. Trump supporters know better.


  • By 2020, there will be 4.02 million uninsured Californians under age 65. Who will not be among them? Undocumented immigrants, who Newsom is ensuring will receive the healthcare they need for free. Newsom is allowing young illegal immigrants to apply for Medi-Cal, but not illegal seniors. Californians need to honestly ask themselves what value young immigrants have to Newsom that seniors do not. Follow the money, and it’ll take you there.


  • Californians voted for the death penalty, but Gavin Newsom took it upon himself to abolish it without consulting voters first. Sound familiar? As a result, sentences justly handed down from judges and juries who are working legally within our justice system and following the rules were unjustly overturned. Now those killers who were handed the ultimate sentence are going to live while countless victims did not.


When you consider all this, it’s easy to see why a recent poll released by the Public Policy Institute of California determined that President Trump is more popular in the Golden State than the Democrats’ own legislature. President Trump has an approval rate of 38% in California, the absolute bluest state, whereas the Dems own state legislature is registering at a dismal 34% approval.


In a statement made to the Los Angeles Times, Democrat consultant Steve Maviglio stated, “All (California residents) hear from Sacramento are proposals for more taxes and more spending for everyone except the middle class. And they rightfully wonder where the high taxes they already are paying are going.”


Fewer than half of all Californians approve of the job Newsom is doing as governor. Slightly more than half of the state’s residents are Democrat voters. Tellingly, 26% of those polled responded “I don’t know” when asked if they supported Newsom’s policies. This level of indifference is what got California into this mess in the first place.



Newsom calls for free healthcare for illegal immigrants in California.


Newsom pulls National Guard from border to oppose President Trump.


Shade-Throwing Ladies of the SOTU: A Guide

Democrats did their best to stop President Trump from giving his historic State of the Union address. As they do where most things are concerned, they failed. Still, that didn’t stop them from trying to darken the President’s time to shine by throwing a huge amount of shade.


In accordance with the long-standing tradition, Democrat women wore white in solidarity with the Women’s Suffrage Movement. they deviated from tradition when they stood to chant, “USA! USA!” and sat stone-faced, many refusing to applaud for things that truly deserve to be applauded. In other words, the usual Trump Derangement Syndrome “oppose the President at all costs” nonsense.


Hall of Shame

There’s not enough time in the day to catalog all the bad Democrat behavior from the SOTU in one blog, but here are the top offenders.


Nancy Pelosi

Shame on Nancy Pelosi and the disgusting spectacle she made of herself during the SOTU address. Watching Pelosi react to Trump’s accomplishments was like watching a rerun of the old made-for-TV movie Sybil starring Sally Field, except crazy. From her classless clap-back to her pretend reading of documents, she did everything she could to take the spotlight off Trump and place it on herself. And she failed spectacularly.

Kyrsten Sinema

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema was the happiest shade-thrower of the night, and this is most likely because it was her own team she was dissing. Synema donned a cheery hot pink frock and stood as she enthusiastically applauded Trump. How does it feel to be invisible to Sinema, Pelosi? This is what bipartisanship looks like, so hopefully she keeps it up instead of going the Democrat hypocrite route. Guess she’s not going to blindly follow the pack. Which brings us to…


Jacky Rosen

Did Jacky Rosen throw shade at Kyrsten Sinema? According to one video that’s been making the rounds online, it sure seems like it. In the footage, Democrat Rep. Rosen stood up, glanced at Sinema, and said something. I’m no lip reader, but it sure looked like “Watch your ass,” and the look she gave her looked that way as well.



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats are always looking for reasons to be offended, and Freshmen Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took that to the extreme when she refused to applaud a number of American victories you’d have to be insane not to celebrate, from an increase in the arrests of sex traffickers to increased AIDS research. AOC could be seen numerous times mouthing, “What?” and, “Why?” Perhaps if she’d asked her elementary school teachers these questions more often, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.


Tiffany Trump

There is nothing to suggest Tiffany Trump was throwing shade by wearing white. After all, she has worn white to the SOTU before, and Kimberly Guilfoyle wore white, too. However, if there’s one thing we know about Democrats, they are forever trying to find scandal in situations involving the President and his family that simply aren’t there. Nice try, Dems. We the People are onto you though, and we see right through your lies.


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