Two MAGA Hat Attackers Sentenced

Two MAGA Hat Attackers Sentenced

One MAGA Hat Attacker Finally Sees Justice Served

While the do-nothing Democrats waste the nation’s time and money on their impeachment sham, there is still good news in the country. This time it’s in the form of the sentencing of Kino Jimenez, who attacked 16-year-old Trump supporter Hunter Richard in a Texas fast food restaurant.


Jimenez was accused of verbally attacking the teen and then throwing a drink in his face in a San Antonio Whataburger in July of 2018. He was, as usual, triggered by a MAGA hat. Jimenez removed the hat from the teen’s head. The savage attack was caught on video.


The fact that we can keep an entire blog based mostly on MAGA hat attack stories says a lot about the mental state of the crazed Liberals who continue to justify their behavior. These hypocrites melt down over everything President Trump and his supporters do without ever once taking a look at how they are contributing to the situation.


Now one violent snowflake is behind bars. Jimenez entered a no-contest plea to a charge of theft of a person.


Theft of person is a greater charge than regular theft because it involves stealing property directly off of another person. This charge carries a potential sentence of two years in prison. Jimenez was sentenced to three years’ deferred adjudication. That means he’ll be under supervision for the next three years. Once that’s up, he will no longer have a conviction on his record. He has also been ordered to pay $334 in court costs.


In Texas, throwing liquid in another person’s face can be considered a form of assault. Jimenez should have been charged with assault, and he would have if he’d been a Trump supporter attacking a Liberal child and snatching the “I’m With Her” hat off their head.


In the end, Jimenez got off easy. At least legally, he did. He got a life sentence in the court of public opinion. After the attack, Jimenez was fired from his part-time job as a bouncer at San Antonio bar Rumble. Jimenez was a member of the Green Party, but after the attack they banned him. Even his fellow snowflakes won’t have him.


If Jimenez were really honest with himself about what Liberals stand for, he would have realized they were going to turn on him before he acted.


Daniel Zaroes Brito

Another MAGA supporter-attacker who saw justice this week is Daniel Zaroes Brito, a former Dem staffer who assaulted a Trump supporter in Novembr of 2018.


Zaroes Brito, who is a former Legislative Assistant to U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), was also triggered by a MAGA hat. This time the hat was worn by Tucson resident Jonathan Sparks, who was exercising his right to free speech when the attack happened.


Zaroes Brito saw the Conservative man wearing a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt and holding a sign that said, “Vote Jobs, Not Mobs–Vote Republican.” The message that Republicans create jobs sent him flying into a rage. During the attack, Sparks heard Zaroes Brito say, “Hitler,” “Nazi,” and “Trump” repeatedly.


Sparks suffered serious injuries after Zaroes Brito jumped onto his ankle from behind, breaking his ankle into four pieces in the process. After the Liberal knew the Conservative’s ankle was broken, he then proceeded to steal his MAGA hat.


As a result of the attack, Sparks had to undergo surgery. He spent a total of 20 hours in the hospital, all because Democrats melt down when they’re faced with free speech. It’s either their speech, or it’s hate speech.


Now that the Liberals who are physically attacking Trump supporters are finally being sentenced, let’s hope they realize this isn’t a game. Attack a Patriot: go to jail.


Zaroes Brito was charged with . He was sentenced to 12 days in Pima County Jail, followed by three years of probation. Of course, this is completely unrelated to the civil suit that’s got to be coming in the near future. Sparks is finally going to have the chance to strike back and hit Zaroes Brito in the wallet.


Brito has now been sentenced to 12 days in the Pima County jail and three years of probation. It’s hardly enough, considering what he did. And again, imagine what the consequences would have been if a Trump supporter had been the attacker instead.


It’s a sorry state of affairs that Democrat politicians are deliberately driving a wedge between citizens. For them, it’s all about virtue signaling and votes. But for the average citizens who support the President, it is all too real when they’re put in danger.


The people will remember this when it’s time to go to the polls in 2020.


Watch this Fox News report on Kino Jimenez’s indictment.


See footage of the brutal attack.


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