Does CNN Support Our Troops?

Note to Dems: This is what a real President looks like.


This Christmas a miracle came true for military members currently stationed in an active combat zone in Iraq: President Trump and his lovely wife Melania paid them a visit! The President and First Lady traveled over 12,000 miles overnight, round trip, on no sleep, to make this happen, and while he was there he graciously signed MAGA hats the enlisted men and women brought with them around the world because they support the President 100%.

What was CNN’s response to this historic visit, the first since 1969 in which a First Lady visited an active combat zone? Did they praise Melania for her bravery? Did they praise the President for putting the military first? Did they highlight the joy the soldiers felt over this surprise visit? Of course not. They’re Democrats. CNN’s response was to claim it was illegal for Trump to sign the hats. Even worse, they suggested the soldiers who were overjoyed to get these autographs should be punished. How anti-America is that?

President Trump has signed MAGA hats for military members in the past, including at a visit to a base in Germany. But that was presumably okay with Liberals then because they weren’t outraged that time. Presumably, because it wasn’t Christmas so they had less incentive to smear the President.

We hate to tell you this, Democrats and Fake Liberal News Media, but there is no rule against Airmen bringing personal items for the President to sign. You may create one now that our enlisted men and women want Trump’s autograph though. You never needed a law like this in the past because no one liked Obama enough to bother to bring items to sign.

Shame on you, CNN. Does your hatred of the President know no bounds? Is there no one you won’t attack to take a cheap shot at Trump? Is there no depth to which you are not willing to sink? America deserves better. It’s time for President Trump to start giving real journalists press passes instead of these frauds.

Who do you think President Trump should give a press pass to first? Let us know in the comments!