The Dems Have Gone Completely Insane

There is no whistleblower, and there never was—just a treasonous liar.

As the crooked Democrats dig their heels in deeper regarding the fake whistleblower witch hunt, it becomes more difficult to avoid offering them psychological help. A mental health professional needs to intervene and ask them, “And this whistleblower…can you see him? Is he in the room right now?” The Dems are so used to believing fake news that it seems they can be convinced of anything.

Now there are two so-called whistleblowers: one who admits to only hearing secondhand “evidence,” and another who says he can corroborate this secondhand evidence. There are no whistleblowers who are willing to show their faces, because that would reveal their true motive, which is to take President Trump down by any means necessary, even if they have to lie and cheat to achieve it.

Why are we referring to these people as “whistleblowers”? In order for that to be accurate, they would be required to blow the whistle on a crime or other impropriety. This clearly did not happen, and President Trump released the transcripts that prove it. But the Left refuses to accept actual evidence as evidence, choosing instead to justify their actions through baseless hearsay.

Now President Trump is complaining that the whistleblower is working in conjunction with shifty Adam Schiff, giving deliberately false information and refusing to give the GOP any real information at all.

CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella is now unwilling to answer any GOP questions about the investigation, instead relying on his lawyers to do the talking for him, and even then only in writing.  This is nothing more than the Russia hoax Part II—a cheap, inept shot at destroying the only president who has been willing to take down the Deep State. More than that, this is an attempt to destroy the entire Republican party so the Democrats can finally impose socialism.

So who are the whistleblowers? No one knows, but it is said that one was a CIA officer who worked at the White House but has since returned to the CIA. Can President Trump fire the whistleblower once their identity is revealed? President Nixon did, and it’s a safe bet that President Trump, who is famous for his trademarked, “You’re fired!” will be the next to do so.

Now President Trump is demanding the whistleblowers’ identity be revealed. In a tweet posted earlier today, he stated, “The Whistleblower gave false information & dealt with corrupt politician Schiff. He must be brought forward to testify. Written answers not acceptable! Where is the 2nd Whistleblower? He disappeared after I released the transcript. Does he even exist? Where is the informant? Con!”

Of the faux-scandal, Conservative commentator Dan Bongino hit the nail on the head when he tweeted, “There is no Whistleblower. There is someone with an agenda against Donald Trump. What he was blowing the whistle on didn’t happen. We have the transcript of the call. This is all a farce and no Republican should forget that.”

Believe us when we say we won’t forget this, and we’ll prove that next November at the polls.

Go Away, Hillary

Fox News once again proved they are no longer a newsworthy source this past Sunday when they released the results of a fake news poll they decided to run gauging President Trump’s approval rating versus approval ratings for Hillary Clinton, who is not in the 2020 presidential race and remains as irrelevant as she has been since Trump soundly defeated her in 2016.

Conservatives understand why the Dems are so desperate to undo the results of that election, but Fox News’s motives are not as clear. According to the poll, Trump would lose to Clinton 43% to 41%, leading us to believe their polls exist at this point only for Liberals to troll them, with no real Republicans bothering to participate anymore now that the network has become a laughingstock since hiring Donna Brazile.

Fox News took their fake news poll one step farther and claimed President Trump would lose to every single one of the top-tier Dem candidates in 2020. Dream on, Fox. You claimed Hillary would win last time, and you were wrong. Get over it.

As the election looms closer, we can expect the Democrats to continue to get more desperate and insane with each passing week. There is probably nothing President Trump would like more than for Hillary Clinton to actually attempt to run against him again just so he could have the satisfaction of making the snowflakes of America melt one last time when she loses—again.

Hannity proves the latest testimony blows the whistleblower’s claims out of the water.

President Trump demands the whistleblower’s identity be revealed and says Nancy Pelosi has “lost her mind.” He is correct on both counts. is your Conservative Facebook replacement. Join today to save America! Drudge has gone to the dark side. Whatfinger News is the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military! This is Rob Raskin Las Vegas signing off…