Trump Family Fake News Family Feud

Trump Family Fake News Family Feud

Leftist fake news sites try to create strife in the Trump family so they won’t work together.

Last week in an op-ed in the Daily Beast, Republican political strategist Rick Wilson predicted that Donald Trump, Jr. will be the 2024 GOP presidential candidate. He described the 2024 GOP primaries as being, “between Donald J. Trump, Jr. and everyone else.”


While speaking to Republican delegates in the California city of Indian Wells this past Saturday, President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, referred to the First Family as, “Amazing people with amazing capabilities,” who he felt would become a political dynasty that would last for decades.


Sure enough, right on cue, the fake news media came up with a story designed to try to pit Don Jr. vs. Ivanka. Nice try, Democrats. Your fear is showing, and it’s not a good look.


Supporters of President Trump have been circulating memes about a potential Trump family political dynasty as long as he’s been in office. The general thought as to what a Trump dynasty could look like is along these lines:


  • 2024 – 2032 President Donald Trump, Jr.
  • 2032 – 2040 President Ivanka Trump
  • 2040 – 2048 President Eric Trump
  • 2048 – 2056 President Jared Kushner
  • 2056 – 2064 President Barron Trump


While there are different variations of this timeline floating around social media, typically they all begin with Don Jr. and end with Barron. This is a timeline many Americans are eager to get behind because, as Parscale noted, the Trumps will, “…continue to adapt while keeping the conservative values that we believe in.”


Simply put, conservative Americans love their country and they don’t want to see it change into an unrecognizable socialist wasteland with open borders, gun grabbing, and the PC police monitoring everyone’s speech.


Liberal website Salon also published a fake news article about the fabricated Trump sibling rivalry. In the article, they described Don Jr. as a “nasty street fighter who panders to the worst instincts of the Trumpian base,” rather than as an avid hunter and outdoorsman who Middle America adores.


Anyone who has seen Don Jr. speak understands how far this is from the truth. The President’s son is an extremely charismatic speaker who is more eloquent behind the podium than his father is. Salon described Ivanka Trump as a wannabe “right-wing intellectual,” who apparently constantly reads to give the appearance of being smart as opposed to…actually being an intelligent woman.


According to Salon and other fake news media outlets, Don Jr. told Ivanka, “Tell your people to stop trashing me to the media.” The articles claim the siblings are engaged in a “Cold War” with each accusing each other of planting damaging headlines against the other. This, of course, has allegedly all been told to Leftist news outlets by unnamed sources.


Wilson further predicted that if President Trump loses in 2020, it will make Don Jr. that much more popular with voters in 2024.


Considering the lengths the Democrats are willing to go to in order to throw the election in their favorite, a Trump loss in 2020 is a real possibility if we don’t get voter fraud under control. What the Democrats aren’t understanding is the Trump family aren’t “hawking” a “con” for Don Jr. to “keep alive.” They are speaking on behalf of the average American instead of the coastal elite liberals.


In the future, will Ivanka Trump become the first female president? Will Don Jr. run in 2024? It isn’t hard to figure out how and why Donald Trump won the election in 2016 or why he’ll win again in 2020. It sounds to us like whether he wins or loses, we can expect a Trump in the White House the next time around, and possibly for much longer.


Democrats Waste More Time With Impeachment Talks

Despite Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s warning that the American people aren’t for impeachment, Democrats are voting to establish rules for hearings on impeachment, and it’s not because they aren’t planning on doing it.


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler has stated that this week’s votes will be similar to those at the beginning of the investigations of past presidents Clinton and Nixon. Nadler says they’re going to give President Trump the “ability to respond to evidence presented against him,” without bothering to prove what that evidence is.


Pelosi is playing it safe by waiting to see what happens in court before she makes any further decisions. She’s obviously buying time, hoping that it doesn’t make its way through the courts and instead dies in the early stages. Any attempt to impeach President Trump is not going to sit well with voters, and she knows this, even if the rest of the Democrats don’t.


See Brad Parscale predict the Trump dynasty.


Don Jr. says Trump’s 2020 rivals can’t compare with his appeal.


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