Week in Liberal Hate 9/9 – 9/15

Week in Liberal Hate 9/9 – 9/15

As the election gets closer, Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached epidemic proportions.

Pro-Trump Brick

From now on, September 9, 2019 will officially be known as the day Liberals literally sh@# a brick.


Dutch immigrant and Florida resident Aifen Casey is eighty years old, and she came to this country because it was the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now, the Trump supporter, who is also known as “Oma,” says, “It doesn’t seem like we are free anymore and if we don’t speak up against this bullying, so to speak, we’re not brave anymore either.”


Now Casey is speaking out and demanding her First Amendment rights be respected and upheld after the Conservative great-grandmother’s homeowner’s association removed a pro-Trump brick. Casey bought the brick so she could enjoy it and leave a legacy for her great-grandson, who is also a Trump supporter.


Casey paid $95 to have the brick installed in a sidewalk display as part of the Flagler Avenue Mark a Memory Walk of Fame Brick Program.


There was no rule against having a pro-Trump brick. As Liberals do so often—particularly on social media—they change the rules to punish MAGA supporters whenever they fail to tow the Democrat party line.


Adding insult to injury, Casey only learned about the brick’s removal after her daughter saw it and told her. She told a reporter for WKMG, “I can’t believe it! Nobody called me to say that there was any problem. I didn’t know.”


When the woke police woke up that morning, they didn’t know, either. They manufactured the problem and used it as an excuse to “justifiably” harass someone who doesn’t share their political views. This happens all day, every day, all across the internet.


Come on, Leftists, is there really nothing you can’t tolerate without a public banning? Why not just put MAGA supporters in the stocks in the town square? It seems there is virtually nothing the Left isn’t willing to ban these days in the name of being politically correct.


In this case, what they are banning is a great-grandmother’s legacy, meant to commemorate working together with her great-grandson to campaign for a president they truly believed in.


These days, you don’t find a lot of teenagers doing anything with their great-grandparents. This should be commemorated, but instead it’s been banned because strangers found it offensive and went on a hysterical online tirade about it.


For Casey, this is about much more than money. She doesn’t want a refund; she simply wants the brick put back where it was, in the spirit of what it was meant to be: a reminder of what the boy and his Oma accomplished.


Liberals believe they have the right to take your First Amendment rights away from you, and that’s why Trump will win again in 2020.


Liberal Author “Normal” People

Liberal author Rebecca Makkai is the latest victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Last week the author went on an anti-Trump Twitter tirade in which she compared MAGA hats to swastikas while urging “normal people” to avoid wearing any red hats at all for fear it may trigger other Libs.


In a world in which Leftists feel like they are the gatekeepers of normalcy, perhaps this kind of behavior actually seems normal to them. You’d think they would have learned their lesson when Hillary Clinton basically handed Trump the election by calling everyday Americans “deplorable.” When you call people deplorable, abnormal racists, you can’t expect them to vote your way.


Makkai took her “normal” behavior a step farther by requesting sports fans whose teams wear red and white to give up their favorite team’s hats for a while so people will feel “safe.” So too bad, Phillies and Reds fans. Your ballparks have now been commandeered and turned into Liberal safe spaces.


Do you feel safe yet? Most Trump supporters don’t, and that’s why they’re showing up to the polls.


Pro-Trump Black Man Dons Giant MAGA Hat

When Bryson Gray was told he couldn’t support President Trump because he’s a black man, he decided to double-down on his super-sized support with a super-sized MAGA hat.


Despite what the racist Democrats may say, Gray insists he can support “whoever the hell” he wants. Of his mega MAGA hat, Gray said, “They told me I shouldn’t wear the MAGA hat, so I bought the biggest MAGA hat. So it makes it double the importance.”


What would the Democrats do if disenfranchised and minority citizens started standing up for their own rights instead of blindly assuming the Left is on their side? They don’t like patriots like Bryson Gray because he’s a direct threat to the status quo. This is precisely why he’s a staunch MAGA supporter.


Hear Bryson Gray explain in his own words why he’s proud to support MAGA.


This footage of Rebecca Makkai’s tweets has to be seen to be believed.

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