Outrage as MAGA Teen Told Trump Support is NOT Part of American Pride Day

What is the point of having American Pride Day at school if you’re not allowed to support your President? This only makes sense to Democrats, who are hell-bent on destroying this country one child at a time.

When Epping High School freshmen Ciretta Mackenzie got ready for school on American Pride Day, she chose the outfit that expressed her pride for the country she loves the best, a MAGA hat and t-shirt. While most adults would naturally associate support for the president with the concept of having pride for one’s country, this patriotic teen learned the hard way that her school is not run by adults: it’s run by Democrats who are hell-bent on destroying this country, one child at a time.


When Mackenzie arrived at school in her MAGA gear the principal spotted the girl and told her she’d have to cover her shirt and remove the hat, as they were a violation of the school’s dress code. The school has no dress code regarding politics, so the girl was surprised regarding this decision. How can she violate a policy that doesn’t exist? Millions of Conservatives across the country ask themselves this question every day when they are banned from social media for the same reason.


Ciretta told one news outlet, “If it said no political gear, I could understand why it was dress coded but it didn’t say that, so I feel like I’m obligated to have my own opinion and other people can have theirs. We don’t have to agree, that’s fine.”


If Democrats weren’t such hypocrites that would be the case. Instead, they preach tolerance while practicing intolerance. Frequently this takes place in the classroom, but even outside of school children are often the victims. At one Oklahoma high school an older student knocked a younger child’s MAGA hat off and ripped his Trump banner away. In Florida a school bus aide pulled a MAGA hat off a young teen’s head. It seems no one and no situation is off-limits.


We should all be outraged that educators are allowed to shame children for their political beliefs. When a child is reprimanded, it implies they have done something wrong. There is nothing wrong with supporting your president. The Mackenzie family plans to meet the principal to discuss the situation, but good luck getting anywhere with that. Democrats always feel justified in their actions, no matter how sleazy and immoral.


Shame on these sick Democrats who are trying to brainwash our children. This is the kind of kid they should be proud of, and her efforts to support her country and her president should be celebrated and encouraged.


Hear Ciretta describe the incident in her own words.


Proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome has invaded our schools – classroom evacuated because student is wearing MAGA hat.

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